Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Survival Websites

The Survival Podcast
Yo, people. Just wanted to spread the word about a podcast I've been listening to.

This man in Texas runs a website at
His shows consist of a huge range of topics having to do with the various concepts of survivalism. Everything from keeping your head above the water if our economy fails, to self-sufficiency in food growing and hunting, to more hands-on skills for survival that you ought to know and even the mindset one should have.

A couple shows I liked:

Survival Topics
Another very cool website is which offers almost strictly practical hands-on wilderness survival instructions, ideas and the like.
That's where I bought my firesteel and paracord, and where I've learned about quite a few of the things I really want to try which I will be posting about.

If anybody has any other cool websites on anything from plants and animals to camping and survival advice please let me know.

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